Cleanup After A Fire

Has a fire damaged or completely devastated your home or business? Resto Clean can help in stabilizing fire and smoke damage. The issue should be addressed immediately by securing the property, assessing the losses, removing non-salvageable debris, and performing sensitive demolition.

Due to the toxic chemical aftermath, it is very important that qualified and trained technicians take care of the removal of debris, odors, and hazardous martials. Resto Clean is trained in fire damage restoration and response to begin your cleanup process.

Water damage usually occurs from the sprinklers and the repairing of the structure. Our disaster team will also handle water remediation needs and get you back to normal quickly.

Resto Clean: Fire Restoration Specialists

Once the structure has been secured, it’s time to clean up as soon as possible. This process can be extremely overwhelming to home and business owners. We are here to help with all content packing, content off site storage, content cleanup, content inventory, and a voice of reason in a devastating and frantic situation. The knowledge of our professionals can help to prepare you through the process. We are here every step of the way in assisting you during this time.

Call us at 907-671-8700 for your Matsu Valley fire and smoke damage cleanup

Smoke Damage

We are trained for the worst situations from your home to your business property.

We offer a complete full-service construction from fire damage loss. We can quickly get to your home and begin the cleaning process for damage due to smoke, odor and content handling which includes boxing and removing damaged content.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee we will restore your home or business with absolute care no matter the condition or extent of the damage. There are many choices to choose from in the Matsu Valley and Anchorage and what sets us apart is the sensitivity and care of each customer and their unique situation they are faced with. We have you fully covered from roofing to framing to painting. We value customer communication during the whole process of the project from start to finish.

Fire Action Plan

  1. Call Resto Clean as soon as possible
  2. Do not reenter the damaged area
  3. Do not dispose of any Items
  4. Notify proper authorities due to vacancy of the home
  5. Shut utilities off until further notice
  6. Save every receipt for purchases following the disaster
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