Why bother if I can’t see the mold growth?

There are certain species of mold that may pose serious health risks such as allergic reactions, nervous system damage, and lung infections.

There are over 200,000 kinds of microbial growth. Some types of mold are good but some could be very harmful and neither should not be in your home or business. There are 3 factors in the process of making mold: organic material, heat and moisture. Remove one of these, and Mold cannot grow. If there is a consistent amount of oxygen and moisture, mold can grow on almost anything.
Molds can reproduce by the releasing of spores; these molds are dangerous when inhaled by humans and animals. You can avoid serious health complications and save money by controlling the moisture and elimination fungal growth.

Resto Clean works and coordinates with independent Matsu and Anchorage Industrial Hygiene Providers, Certified Industrial Hygienists, and Professional Engineers that provide efficient clean-up plans. The safety of the occupants and workers is of the utmost importance in this industry. Our in-house licensed technicians give us the skills also needed to remove the mold safely and effectively.

We satisfy all Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A) guidelines and follow the IICRC (institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) standards of microbial growth. If there are any signs of mold growth in your home or building, it is time to call in the professionals here at Resto Clean Matsu.

Why Bring in the Professionals, can’t I just clean it up myself?

In home product such as bleach will only add moisture which could help the mold growth. Improper rubbing and removal of these mold infestations could disturb the mold and will release spores and toxic chemicals into the air.

Our team is properly trained in the use of Biocide chemicals that can kill living molds. If used incorrectly it can be more harmful than the original mold.

Mold remediation cleaning company servicing the Matsu and surrounding areas.

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