What is Mold Remediation?


Mold remediation refers to the process of removing mold from a home or business and fixing the underlying moisture issue that caused mold growth in the first place. Mold can pose serious health risks, so remediation by a professional is often necessary.


Detecting a Mold Problem

The first signs of a mold problem may be a musty odor or visible mold growth. However, mold can often be hidden in walls, under flooring, or other unseen areas. Some key signs that mold may be present include:

        • Peeling paint or warped surfaces
        • Discolored spots on walls, ceilings, or baseboards
        • Musty, earthy odor
        • Increased humidity or damp feeling in the air
        • Health issues like respiratory problems, coughing, and nose/throat irritation

If you suspect a mold issue, it’s essential to have a professional inspection and testing done.


The Mold Remediation Process

Mold remediation involves removing contaminated materials, killing and removing remaining mold spores, and fixing moisture issues. Here is an overview of the critical steps:


Inspection and Testing

A remediation pro will do a thorough inspection using equipment like moisture meters, borescope cameras, and air quality tests. Samples are taken to identify the type and extent of mold growth.



The affected areas are isolated, and containment barriers are set up to prevent spores from spreading. Air scrubbers may be used. Occupants and belongings are protected.


Mold Removal

Contaminated materials like drywall are removed. Surfaces are scrubbed, and disinfectants are applied to kill mold. Contents may be cleaned or discarded.


Moisture Control

The source of moisture enabling the mold growth must be identified and fixed. This may involve repairs like leak patching, drainage improvements, dehumidification, and ventilation changes.


Post-Remediation Testing

Once the remediation is complete, testing should be done to ensure mold levels are back to safe levels before containment is removed.


Hiring a Professional

Mold remediation is a complex process that requires extensive expertise, equipment, and products to be done thoroughly and safely. Homeowners should always hire a qualified pro like Resto Clean for the job.

Resto Clean is a top-rated mold remediation company, certified by the IICRC in water damage restoration and mold remediation. Our highly trained technicians use industry best practices to remove mold and moisture damage, restore your property, and prevent future mold growth.

Get more information about our mold removal in Wasilla and prevention services by visiting our website or calling (907) 671-8700. We will inspect your property and provide a customized plan to create a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.

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